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Mircofibre Polishing Cloth


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Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

The micro fibres give the cloth a natural cleaning effect breaking down and trapping dust and dirt particles. This product does its job so well that only water is needed as a solvent.

The capillary action of the micro fibres absorbs the solution into the cloth leaving the surface free and totally clean. When used dry the cloth's positive charge magnetises" negative dust particles to the cloth.

The cloth is super absorbent and highly durable. The remove grease dirt dust and micro particles and clean without leaving smears or residue to harbour bacteria.

Cleaning Glass with Microfibre cloths

Until recently it has not been possible to clean surfaces without the use of potentially harmful cleaning chemicals. Technology has now changed this. It is now possible to achieve outstanding results for the majority of cleaning tasks on "water safe" surfaces by simply adding water to our high quality micro fibre cloths. Not only is cleaning achieved without chemicals but cleaning can be faster easier more economical and totally environmentally friendly.

How to Use

Moisten the cloth with clean water or better still spray the water onto glass. The cloth works through capillary action. Fold the cloth flat against the glass (with the coarser texture) into 4 and use the cloth flat against the glass. Do not screw up the cloth as it performs best when using maximum surface area. Wipe the damp cloth over the entire surface. Then take the polishing cloth (finer texture) fold in similar way and polish the surface.

By using only water there is no residue left and the polishing cloth should leave no smears. The fibres are so fine the soiling is retained within the cloth. Once the fibres are saturated with soil it will become ineffective. When this occurs the cloth needs to be rinsed thoroughly or even washed. They can be washed in hand detergent or alone in a domestic washing machine.

These micro fibre cloths can be machine washed and are subject to 500 use / machine wash cycles. (Machine wash up to 90oC. Never use chlorine other bleached or fabric softener - they are detrimental to the fabric's electrostatic properties. Wash separately as the cloth will attract lint from other fabrics.


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